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If You Have Lost A Loved One In An Accident

Our law firm approaches wrongful death cases with focused representation that reflects the pain of your devastating loss, and stays sensitive to your fragile emotions at a difficult time. The Corry Law Firm has a reputation for excellence in motor vehicle accident cases. We conduct in-depth investigations in order to identify the negligent party. We also use negotiation skills and persuasive litigation techniques to impact judges and juries.

When You're Ready To Talk, Contact Us

Are you hospitalized and struggling to recover after a life-changing traffic accident in your car, truck or SUV, or while riding your motorcycle or bicycle? Are you feeling overwhelmed by lost income from time off the job, and a flood of medical bills that feel as if they'll never end? Your free initial consultation with the Corry Law Firm is ready for you right now. All you have to do is call 850-391-2365 locally in Tallahassee or 850-391-2365 toll free from wherever you are in the Florida Panhandle, or email us.

Is Your Insurer Shooting Straight With You?

The Corry Law Firm is ready to help when your insurer delays or denies coverage benefits after you report serious injuries in an accident or weather damage to your home or business.