We Fight For Victims Of Nursing Home Neglect

As people grow older, they become more vulnerable and need more assistance with daily activities. At a certain point, elderly individuals are forced to rely on others for the most basic needs such as food and water. When those needs are neglected, it is not just shameful, it is illegal.

The U.S. Census Bureau data indicates that based on population figures, Florida has the highest number of elderly residents. This segment of the population will continue increasing because people born during the baby boom generation are beginning to retire, and people are living longer due to advances in health care.

This means that Florida nursing homes may face the challenge of hiring the qualified staff needed to properly care for elderly residents. That can result in nursing homes with employees who lack the skills and patience needed to serve the residents of managed care facilities.

Some privately owned care facilities are under pressure to maximize profits. They attempt to cut expenses by limiting the use of air conditioning and reducing food portions. In Florida, nursing home neglect includes actions such as subjecting elderly residents to prolonged periods of extreme heat.

Don’t Let A Negligent Facility Get Away With It

If your loved one has suffered poor treatment or has died due to nursing home neglect, contact the police and then contact the Tallahassee nursing home abuse attorneys at The Corry Law Firm At no charge, one of our compassionate lawyers will meet with you, evaluate your situation, answer your questions and outline your options for next steps.

Some people have hesitated to contact us because they were assured by the staff or nursing home administration that an incident was unusual and would not happen again. But we have found that sometimes, nursing home negligence is not easy to detect, because it can be subtle emotional or psychological cruelty that takes place when others are not present. Elderly loved ones may also be subjected to financial abuse. For example, managed care facility residents afflicted with Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s can become confused and easily convinced to give away their valuables.

Signs To Watch For

Nursing home abuse can also be detected by the presence of issues such as:

  • Dehydration
  • Malnutrition
  • Sexual assault
  • Pressure sores
  • Unexplained injury
  • Inadequate daily hygiene
  • Improper or lack of medication delivery

Don’t Worry About The Cost

Are you concerned about the cost of our quality representation? Don’t be. Our contingency fee policy means that you owe us nothing unless we win your case. Your initial consultation is free, can be conducted at your home or hospital room if necessary, and is available to you right now at (850) 222-3730 or by email.


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