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Florida Personal Injury Claims

Prepare yourself to minimize injury when falling down

Sometimes when you fall down, you might not be able to get up, especially when a serious injury such as a head injury or broken hip occurs.

Not all falls can be avoided, but some are preventable and injuries may be minimized by doing something as simple as wearing the right clothing or fall-proofing your home.

The many ways a car crash can happen

The word "accident" has become to mean a whole of incidents that aren't actually "accidental." People who text and drive get into accidents. People who consume excessive amounts of alcohol get into accidents. People who speed, run red lights, and disobey the law get into accidents. But all of these cases aren't truly accidental, as the people behind the wheel of the car are responsible for their actions.

We say all of this as a lead-in to talk about a number of circumstances that are leading causes for accidents. They were found in a study by researchers at the University of Michigan in a sprawling analysis of nearly 7,000 motor vehicle accidents.

Drunk driving continues to be a massive problem out on the road

Were you aware that roughly 29 people die every day as a result of drunk driving? In 2016, 10,497 people died in drunk driving accidents and that works out to roughly one death every 50 minutes. That's an embarrassingly high rate. What's more is that according to the last time financial data was available for drunk driving accidents (which was in 2010), these accidents cost roughly $44 billion per year.

These are figures that boggle the mind, and they exemplify just how horrible the situation is here in the United States. Far too many people make the incredibly negligent decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after they have had a few beers or cocktails, and in some of these cases the driver either is involved in or directly causes a motor vehicle accident.

Truck accident claims two lives on Interstate 10

A couple of days ago, a fatal truck accident occurred on Interstate 10 in Jackson County, Florida. The wreck claimed the lives of two people, a 79-year-old man and a 74-year-old woman. It sounds like the two people that were killed were driving a car and they attempted to merge onto the interstate. As they did this, the driver lost control and collided with the front end of the truck. The vehicles were conjoined and eventually came to a stop along the shoulder. The two people in the car were declared dead at the scene.

Police are still investigating the crash, but this looks like a true "accident." It does not appear, at least initially, that the truck did anything wrong in this particular case.

Medical monitoring could be part of self-driving cars

Imagine you are driving down the road as you have so many times before. You've always been a healthy person your entire life -- but on this day, you suddenly feel pain in your chest. You hope that the sensation goes away, but it only gets worse as time goes on. Within moments, you are unable to operate your vehicle safely and you get into an accident. The medical emergency you suffered directly contributed to this wreck.

Medical emergencies happen all the time, but in the context of driving, they are even more dangerous than usual. Other people out on the road are suddenly put at risk because of the onset of a medical condition. So wouldn't it be great if this possibility could be eliminated entirely?

Truck drivers aren't always perfect

When a truck collides with a smaller vehicle, it is highly likely that the smaller vehicle will suffer the most damage and that the people inside that vehicle will suffer the worst injuries. This is simply due to the inherent nature of larger trucks. They carry more weight and thus maintain their momentum far easier than smaller vehicles. They also make a greater impact when they collide with any object.

As such, when trucks are involved in accident, the people who are hurt usually suffer terrible, catastrophic, or even fatal injuries. Traumatic brain injuries are common, as are permanent injuries to their spinal cord which could cause paralysis. The victims of a truck accident could also suffer a wide range of serious bodily injuries, such as broken bones, severe burns, and injuries bad enough that they require amputation.

Motorcycle helmet improvements are a must

Motorcycle riders are due for some safety upgrades. When you think about it, the motorcycle has been virtually unchanged -- from a safety standpoint -- for decades. The rider is in an inherently dangerous position that could lead to serious or even fatal injuries in an accident that would leave a passenger or driver of a car with minor injuries or no injuries at all. This is all in relation to the open nature of the vehicle. There are no doors or sides or airbags to protect the rider.

But helmet manufacturers are starting to change this current trend. More and more, manufacturers are coming out with futuristic yet practical helmets that give motorcycles more information and allow them to record their rides for future viewing -- or to capture crucial evidence in case of an accident.

What does it take to win a slip-and-fall case?

If you were badly injured on someone else’s property then you may be facing a painful physical recovery. The hospital bills alone will be difficult to manage. You may also be subject to missed wages from work. It can be tempting to file a lawsuit against the business or owner of the property where you were injured.

It is a property owner’s duty to uphold reasonably safe conditions. A business or property owner may be held financially accountable for their guests' injuries if they do not keep their premises safe. In order to be awarded compensation your lawyer will need to present specific evidence in a lawsuit. You must prove two important things to win your case. Your attorney will need to prove that:

New report shows big jump in fatal traffic accidents

It seems as though you should be able to count on car accidents going down every year. With car technology improving and safety improvements always being developed, you would think that accidents and deaths on the road would continue a downward trend. Maybe they never reach zero, but they should always decline. Add in the fact that self-driving cars are starting to get into the mix, and we should be experiencing a road safety revolution.

Yet here we are, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration releasing another report about fatal accidents in the U.S. that shows a steady increase in such accidents. From 2014 to 2015, deaths in traffic accidents jumped 8.4 percent. From 2015 to 2016, it increased 5.6 percent (1,976 more people died last year than in 2015).

Semi-truck spills pumpkins over freeway

While the following truck accident story did not occur here in Tallahassee or anywhere in Florida, it is still relevant regardless of the geography involved.

A semi truck flipped over after crashing into a "device" on a ramp that it was on. The truck luckily did not crash into any other vehicles, even though it slip along the freeway for several hundred feet. The driver of the truck, a 44-year-old woman, thankfully made it out of the wreck with no injuries. Pumpkins spilled all over the road, as they spilled out of the truck following the crash.


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