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Florida Personal Injury Claims

Younger generations more open to distracted driving

Distracted driving is a massive problem all around the country, but it is especially problematic here in Florida. Because the state government has been unable to pass more comprehensive legal coverage for drivers that text behind the wheel of a vehicle. Recent efforts to expand the law (which only makes a texting while driving violation a secondary offense) have stalled out in the Senate.

As a secondary offense, texting while driving can only lead to a fine if a police officer pulls a driver over for another violation first. This leads to inconsistent enforcement, and a lot of drivers may feel as though they can "get away with" the act.

Cargo on truck can cause an accident too

While the following truck accident will seem funny and comical at first, the issue underlying that humor is a critical issue that many truck accident victims -- and just your average person out on the road -- should be worried about.

A truck accident in Okaloosa County, Florida led to 60,000 pounds of beer cans being spilled onto a local freeway. The driver of the truck suffered minor injuries in the accident, and thankfully no one else was injured in the crash. All told, given the weight of the truck involved and the cargo that spilled, it is a minor miracle that the damage and harm was so minimal.

Fatal accident involving self-driving car is under investigation

In what is believed to be a first, a self-driving vehicle has killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. The accident is being investigated by the local police and the case has garnered national attention as self-driving cars were believed to be this next advancement in road safety that would halt preventable accidents such as this one. Sadly, it appears there is no silver bullet to the motor vehicle accident problem.

This case involved a self-driving Uber SUV that had a "test driver" behind the wheel of it while it was in autonomous mode. The test driver is there in case something goes wrong. When the vehicle is in autonomous mode though, the driver is not in control of the vehicle. It drives itself.

Florida: The most deadly state for bicyclists

As March comes to a close, so does Florida Bicycle Month, but as long as the weather is warm and road and trail conditions are good, there will be plenty of bicyclists riding through our state. Bicycling’s popularity cannot be denied in Florida, where three of our cities – Gainesville, Tallahassee and Tampa – ranked among “The Best Bike Cities of 2016” by Bicycling magazine in its biennial survey.

Although Florida has long supported bicycle safety, our state remains the country’s deadliest for bicyclists. In the five-year period that ended in 2015, Florida annually averaged more than 6,500 bicyclist crashes. These accidents led to more than 6,100 injuries and 132 fatalities each year.

Taking proper action when metal meets metal on the road

Getting into a car accident will be one of the most harrowing and life-changing moments for anyone. The wreck could forever change your body (giving you whiplash or neck injuries that never fully heal, for example) or it could forever change your mind (making you afraid of driving on a particular street or in general). But even if the particular car accident that you are involved in isn't serious, it will still be scary and it will still bring out emotions in you that you least expect.

Being mentally prepared for the aftermath of a motor vehicle collision is a very important skill that most people don't possess -- and that's understandable. It is so stressful that many people will default to their base instincts: anger and aggression.

Trucks can cause wrecks, but so can other vehicles too

There are many reasons why a truck accident may happen. In a lot of cases, the truck is at fault, and a common perception is that truck drivers are negligent. However, there are truck accidents where the truck driver isn't at fault -- and the driver of another vehicle triggers the accident.

So today, we want to talk about the two different ways in which a truck accident can happen, and the many different causes among these two sides that can be the culprit for the collision.

Pedestrian in serious condition after accident

A recent accident in Tallahassee, Florida left a pedestrian in serious condition in a hospital. The accident occurred in the morning hours of Jan. 30, when a man was trying to cross the street and he was struck by a car. Thankfully emergency responders got to him in time and were able to provide medical assistance that appears to have saved his life. Investigators remained at the scene of the accident interviewing any witnesses to the crash. No charges have been filed against the driver of the car as of yet.

This accident is a terrible reminder of the dangers pedestrians face out on the road. When they are involved in an accident, serious, catastrophic, or even fatal injuries can be suffered by the pedestrian.

What the rise in fatal car accidents means

If you look over the fatalities that have occurred over the decades in the United States, you will notice a few trends. The first is that for most of modern American driving history, the number of people that have died in motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. per year has been over 40,000. There were even periods where it stayed above 50,000 every year.

The second thing you will notice is that in the last decade, the fatality rate has greatly improved. 1992 was the first year since 1962 to see fewer than 40,000 deaths in motor vehicle accidents in the United States. Then, starting in 2008, the rate dropped below 40,000 again and has remained below that number ever since.

Prepare yourself to minimize injury when falling down

Sometimes when you fall down, you might not be able to get up, especially when a serious injury such as a head injury or broken hip occurs.

Not all falls can be avoided, but some are preventable and injuries may be minimized by doing something as simple as wearing the right clothing or fall-proofing your home.

The many ways a car crash can happen

The word "accident" has become to mean a whole of incidents that aren't actually "accidental." People who text and drive get into accidents. People who consume excessive amounts of alcohol get into accidents. People who speed, run red lights, and disobey the law get into accidents. But all of these cases aren't truly accidental, as the people behind the wheel of the car are responsible for their actions.

We say all of this as a lead-in to talk about a number of circumstances that are leading causes for accidents. They were found in a study by researchers at the University of Michigan in a sprawling analysis of nearly 7,000 motor vehicle accidents.


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