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Onboard systems to prevent pedestrian-car accidents not perfected

Improving safety on Florida roadways is a goal for automakers, legislators and law enforcement officials. Since auto accidents are such a common cause for injuries and fatalities, various strategies are undertaken to avoid these collisions and the accompanying catastrophic injuries. Notably at risk are pedestrians. When a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle, they are naturally vulnerable. With the rise in distracted driving, this has gotten steadily worse.

Automakers have tried to improve their vehicles with safety features that protect drivers, passengers and others on the road. However, many of these features have yet to be perfected. This could be an important point when thinking about a legal filing after an auto accident. A recent study from AAA shows that vehicles with systems installed to detect pedestrians still have issues to work out. At night, the systems do not work at all. This can sabotage the entire idea, as three-quarters of all pedestrian fatalities happen at night.

Florida one of the worst states for pedestrian-car accidents

Pedestrians are in danger whenever they are walking near the streets in Florida and throughout the nation. Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians can cause catastrophic injuries and death. The problem seems to be getting worse. With distracted drivers, recklessness, negligence, drivers who are under the influence and other behaviors that place people in jeopardy, it is imperative for pedestrians to be cautious. Still, regardless of how careful they are, an auto accident involving a pedestrian can happen at any time.

Recent research indicates that Florida is one of the worst states for pedestrian safety. Smart Growth America has released a list of the most dangerous states for pedestrians, and Florida was the worst. The non-profit looked at statistics from 2008 to 2017. It used a national database for road deaths overseen by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In that decade of time, Florida was found to have the most pedestrian fatalities, with 5,433.

Teens' memory linked to greater chance of an auto accident

Sharing the road with teens in Florida can be a worrisome experience. Because they are new to the roadway and do not have the honed skills to be as safe as someone who has driven for a longer period of time, they are prone to having auto accidents. Although there might be preconceived notions as to why this is the case, a new study indicates that teens could have a greater likelihood of being in a car crash because of a lack of development in their "working memory."

According to the University of Pennsylvania, there is slower growth in teens' working memory. That absence of development could be a key part of teens' propensity to have accidents. The working memory develops from the time a person is an adolescent and into their twenties. This is important for safe driving. For teens found with a slower development in this area, there was a greater chance of a car accident. Since driving safely requires keeping track of the environment and understanding various aspects of driving the vehicle, young people could face obstacles in being as safe as drivers with fully developed working memories.

Broken ribs can create a painful setback

You are walking in your Florida apartment complex, hotel or public building when you reach the staircase that will take you to your destination. Unfortunately, some of the lights are out in the stairwell, so you have to feel your way up or down. Perhaps you reach a landing or turn in the direction of the stairs when suddenly you can no longer feel the railing in your hand. You lose your footing and tumble down the stairs.

You may lie or sit at the bottom of the stairs feeling foolish and trying to assess if you are injured when you feel a sharp pain in your chest as you inhale. This could be the first sign that you have broken a rib.

Florida roads are maintained, but car accidents still a problem

Auto accidents are a concern in every city and state across the nation. For many, the condition of the roads is a major factor in the number of crashes with catastrophic injuries and fatalities. In Florida, the roads and bridges are well-maintained. Still, there are a troublesome number of accidents in the state. This is indicative of the myriad ways in which accidents happen.

A report from the Reason Foundation lauds the condition of Florida roads. However, these same roads are also expensive, crowded and have a significant rate of fatal accidents. Florida came in 40th in the report - the 24th such report that the Reason Foundation has created. It uses data from the individual states from 2016, the latest year in which there is information available. The dichotomy between the condition and maintenance of the roads and the number of risks on them was notable.

Truck accidents continue to be a major problem in Florida

Large trucks are a necessity across the United States. Florida residents must share the road with these large vehicles with the understanding that sheer size makes them a risk for truck crashes with severe injuries and fatalities. Adding in the reality that these vehicles are traveling at significant speeds, the drivers are on the road for an extended period and there is the propensity for drowsy driving, driving under the influence and being reckless adds to the danger of an accident. Statistically, this continues to be a worrisome issue. Those who were in a truck accident or lost a loved one must remember their rights.

According to research, truck accidents are a concern on Interstate 75 - one of the main roadways in the state. This is shown with anecdotal evidence and with in-depth research. The I-75 Relief Task Force studied crashes and issued recommendations to improve safety. There were more than 4,300 deaths in Florida after people were in a truck accident in 2016. Worse, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 72% of those who died were not drivers or passengers in the trucks.

Distracted driver study: In-vehicle tech impacts older drivers

Distracted driving is a concern in Florida and throughout the United States. Given the number of people who operate vehicles as distracted drivers and the frequency of auto accidents because of this behavior, researchers examine the problem and seek solutions for it. While this is usually linked to texting and driving and using a cellphone for other purposes, there are many ways in which a driver can be distracted. That includes the technology installed in new vehicles.

A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic researched this issue and found that there is a certain segment of the population that is negatively impacted by in-vehicle technology. According to the study, younger drivers are adapting to the new technology more easily than older drivers. People between the ages of 55 and 75 are taking their eyes off of the road for more than eight seconds longer than drivers who are 21 to 36 as they use devices to change the radio, for navigation and for other reasons.

Auto accident between car and bus injures 13 people in Florida

Buses are a sound way to get around for people in Tallahassee and throughout Florida. The idea that using public transportation is good for safety and convenience is widespread and, in general, accurate. However, an auto accident can occur at any time and it can even injure those who are in a large and heavy vehicle like a bus. When there is a collision, people who have suffered injuries or even lost a loved one should be cognizant of the potential aftereffects from medical expenses to lost time on the job to long-term damage and death. A legal filing is a way to recover compensation for all that was lost.

An auto accident between a car and a bus injured 13 people. The accident happened in the evening after 6:30 p.m. According to the investigation and the video surveillance of the bus, the accident occurred at an intersection and was due to a car going through a stop sign. It hit the bus in its front end and caused substantial damage. There were between 20 and 30 people on the bus. Overall, at least 13 people were injured including the bus driver who was said to be bleeding and seriously hurt. The full accounting of those injured and the extent of their injuries is still being gathered. The investigation and crash reconstruction are continuing.

Truck driver fatigue a concern if hours of service rules change

When Floridians are in a passenger vehicle and are sharing the road with a large truck, there is an understandable fear. Not only are these vehicles massive, but they travel at significant speeds and drivers can be distracted, negligent, reckless or under the influence. One issue that had receded into the background was the amount of time truckers spent on the road and whether truck driver fatigue was a factor. The vigilance drivers are required to have with their trucking log and oversight on the part of the Department of Transportation was meant to enhance safety.

Now, however, the DOT is preparing to relax the regulations and this is causing concern that there will be an uptick in truck accidents. With the problems that can accompany a truck crash - injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, fatalities - it is a legitimate issue. Currently, truckers are required to limit their driving to 11 hours during 14 hours on-duty. After that, they must refrain from driving for 10 hours before the clock resets. If drivers are on the road for more than eight hours, they must take a 30-minute break prior to reaching the eighth hour.

Is your child’s bike helmet safe?

Before you teach your child to drive a car, you’ll teach them how to ride a bike. While a bicycle isn’t as dangerous as a car, bicycle injuries are potentially serious. One protective measure you’ve thought to take is to get your child a bike helmet. Like a seat belt in a car, a helmet is a simple way to enhance the safety of the rider.

Don’t just settle for the cheapest helmets. New Consumer Reports testing shows that bicycle helmet manufacturers don’t create all helmets equally because some are safer than others.


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