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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Emotional trauma can be worsened by a crash

Not many people are fortunate enough to walk away from a crash without suffering some form of physical injury. The physiological and emotional trauma that a person endures is in addition to the physical injuries and scars that stay on the body. According to national estimates, about 9% of car accident victims suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, commonly known as "PTSD." This is in addition to the other medical conditions that result from a car crash, such as depression and phobias.

A life-changing motorcycle accident often warrants a lawsuit

There are many motorcyclists on the Florida roads. While most drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks will be cognizant of them and do their best to obey the laws and share the road to keep everyone safe, there are still dangers. Many drivers might be distracted, drowsy, have motorcycle unawareness, be under the influence or simply be negligent. A motorcycle accident victim can face many significant problems after a collision.

Tech improvements could make it easier to 'see' motorcyclists

One of the biggest threats to the safety of motorcyclists is other motorists. Because motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, they are more difficult to see. And when car and truck drivers do not take the time or make the effort to thoroughly scan the road around them, they can crash into bikers.

Driver's employer liable for crash injuring motorcyclist

In the aftermath of most motor vehicle accidents, an investigation will reveal that one driver was to blame -- or more to blame. It might be a driver distracted by a phone, someone speeding down the highway or a motorist who turned into an intersection without making sure it was clear first.

What can we do to prevent motorcycle accidents?

Florida sees a higher rate of fatal motorcycle accidents than 44 other states in the U.S. And while preliminary data shows that there were fewer fatal accident in the state last year than there were in 2016, there are still over 500 people per year killed in motorcycle crashes.

Which riders are at a higher risk of motorcycle crashes?

Every person on the road is at some risk of being involved in motor vehicle accident, whether the crash is their fault or someone else's fault. But while everyone can be in danger of getting hurt, certain people are particularly vulnerable and may be more likely to suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Autonomous car technology coming to motorcycles

Motorcycles are exposed on the open road. That exposure is part of their appeal: it gives a chance to connect with the road around you amid the fresh air and sunshine. Unfortunately, it also means that a motorcycle accident is far more dangerous than a car accident. According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle fatalities are 28 times more likely than car accident fatalities, measured by miles driven.

Safety tips that old and new riders should follow

With Memorial Day weekend coming, we should not forget that May is motorcycle safety month. Unlike other regions of the country, Floridians can ride motorcycles nearly all year long, so drivers don’t have to get used to seeing motorcyclists. However, the dangers posed to those who drive cars are even more treacherous for motorcycle riders. After all, bikers are not protected aluminum frames like motorists.

Motorcycle helmet improvements are a must

Motorcycle riders are due for some safety upgrades. When you think about it, the motorcycle has been virtually unchanged -- from a safety standpoint -- for decades. The rider is in an inherently dangerous position that could lead to serious or even fatal injuries in an accident that would leave a passenger or driver of a car with minor injuries or no injuries at all. This is all in relation to the open nature of the vehicle. There are no doors or sides or airbags to protect the rider.

Been in a motorcycle accident? Consult with a lawyer

Getting into a motor vehicle accident of any kind is a scary moment in a person's life, and the results could be devastating. But if there is one vehicle out on the road that is more at risk in an accident than any other, it is the motorcycle. With few safety options and a wide open vehicle, it is only natural to expect horrific or even fatal injuries to a motorcyclist if they are involved in a crash.


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