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Auto accident between car and bus injures 13 people in Florida

Buses are a sound way to get around for people in Tallahassee and throughout Florida. The idea that using public transportation is good for safety and convenience is widespread and, in general, accurate. However, an auto accident can occur at any time and it can even injure those who are in a large and heavy vehicle like a bus. When there is a collision, people who have suffered injuries or even lost a loved one should be cognizant of the potential aftereffects from medical expenses to lost time on the job to long-term damage and death. A legal filing is a way to recover compensation for all that was lost.

An auto accident between a car and a bus injured 13 people. The accident happened in the evening after 6:30 p.m. According to the investigation and the video surveillance of the bus, the accident occurred at an intersection and was due to a car going through a stop sign. It hit the bus in its front end and caused substantial damage. There were between 20 and 30 people on the bus. Overall, at least 13 people were injured including the bus driver who was said to be bleeding and seriously hurt. The full accounting of those injured and the extent of their injuries is still being gathered. The investigation and crash reconstruction are continuing.

Injuries and fatalities are common after auto accidents. It is always an unexpected occurrence, but for people who are on a city bus, one of the last things they think will happen is a crash, especially one so violent that the bus fails to shield them. Hospitalizations, medical treatment and long-term care can be exceedingly costly. For a person who was seriously hurt and was working at the time, their entire lives can be upended. When there is a fatality, the family must think about their future in a personal, financial and emotional context. While a legal filing does not turn back time to prevent the crash, it can help with paying for all that was lost in the present and future.

A crash between a car and a bus sent many riders to the hospital. So far, the driver's injuries were said to be serious, but others could have suffered significant, life-changing injuries in the accident. Even those who did not initially believe they were hurt could suffer pain and other issues after the fact. Discussing the case with a law firm that understands car accidents, bus accidents and other personal injury incidents is imperative.

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