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AAA study shows auto accidents double for drivers on marijuana

As the debate continues as to whether marijuana should be legalized in Florida and many areas of the U.S. that have yet to decide on the topic, research is assessing how marijuana use impacts road safety. There is a known link between being a drunk driver and auto accidents. Driving high is assumed to be dangerous, but as the possibility of its legalization grows nearer, it is important to know the statistics. AAA has examined the subject and determined that, in 2018, drivers who were high on marijuana had double the risk of being in an accident. After an accident, people should consider whether marijuana was a factor. This can be critical when filing a lawsuit for compensation.

Almost 15 million people admitted to driving while high after smoking marijuana. Drivers who took part in the study stated that they believed cellphone use - texting and driving and talking on the phone - were more dangerous than driving after smoking marijuana. According to AAA, approximately one in 10 people who regularly use cannabis become dependent on it. In addition, 70 percent of Americans said that they do not believe it likely that law enforcement will catch people who are driving high. In the study, there were 3,349 participants from age 16 and up.

It was found that drivers who had been drinking had a higher danger of 92 percent than those who had smoked marijuana within the previous hour at just short of 73 percent. Other behaviors such as driving after taking prescription drugs and driving while fatigued were also riskier. Fourteen percent of millennials between 23 and 38 had the greatest likelihood of driving in the hour after smoking marijuana. Ten percent of Generation Z had the highest likelihood of doing so in the previous 30 days. Eight percent of males and five percent of females admitted to driving after smoking marijuana in the previous 30 days.

Floridians can use marijuana legally if it is for medical purposes. Otherwise, it is illegal. After an auto accident, those who were hurt or lost a loved one will be within their rights to want answers as to how and why it happened. If it was because of a driver who was under the influence of marijuana, this can be a key factor in a successful legal filing to cover for medical costs, lost income and any other negative aftereffect. A law firm that understands car accidents and how to investigate them should be called for advice and help to pursue a legal filing.

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