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Fatal pedestrian-auto accident statistics worst in three decades

Pedestrians are in danger of catastrophic injuries and fatalities in an auto accident in Florida and across the United States. The urgency of the problem has increased in recent years. It is now to the point that researchers are seeking out reasons as to why that is the case and are searching for solutions. For people who have been injured or lost a loved one in a pedestrian-auto accident, the reasons for the accident are important when they are considering seeking compensation in a legal filing. A legal professional is key to gathering evidence and pursuing a claim.

Research from the Governors Highway Safety Association says that there were 6,227 pedestrian fatalities in the U.S. in 2018. That is the most in three decades. Large cities have a greater propensity for these crashes to happen. Although road design and a lack of safe areas for pedestrians to walk are considered reasons for the rise, the study shows that distractions of both drivers and pedestrians is a bigger problem. Another concern is the prevalence of large vehicles.

Florida is one of the five states in the nation that has accounted for almost half the pedestrian deaths in 2018. The author of the GHSA report says that the absence of crosswalks is a cause for pedestrian risk as they will choose to walk without a crosswalk if it is too far away or there is not one. Even with that, the rise in fatalities has other explanations like the increase of smartphone use and more people having SUVs. SUVs and vehicles in that class have outsold cars since 2013. Being hit by an SUV causes more damage to pedestrians due to the vehicle's size and weight. With smartphones added to the equation, people are simply not watching where they are going and it can lead to deadly pedestrian crashes.

Florida lawmakers are thinking about tightening the laws to cite drivers who are distracted in any way including smartphone use and even petting an animal. Because pedestrians do not have the same protections that people inside a vehicle do, they are likely to be severely hurt or lose their lives in an auto accident. With medical expenses, lost income, lost companionship, funeral expenses and the personal and emotional loss after a fatal pedestrian accident, a legal filing is frequently the only way to recover adequate compensation. Calling a law firm experienced in pedestrian-car accidents can help with a case.

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