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How the NTSB wants to make the roads safer this year

Every two years, the National Transportation Safety Board announces its priorities for improving roadway safety in the U.S. This list, called the Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements, serves as a snapshot of the most troubling issues facing motorists.

Recently, the NTSB released its list for the coming years. And several of the items on the list directly or indirectly focus on truckers and the trucking industry.

Focus on truck safety

The NTSB has a total of 46 safety recommendations it believes should be implemented in the coming years. And while the recommendations address a range of transportation vehicles, from trains to aircraft, several of the top 10 items affect trucks.

In recent years, the trucking industry has seen significant changes, from increased regulations to massive trucker shortages. Unfortunately, the current landscape remains a dangerous one for commercial trucks. Trucking companies lack oversight; truckers engage in dangerous behaviors; safety violations are overlooked in favor of continued operation.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that the NTSB is hoping for some improvements.

Proposed improvements

The items in the NTSB’s top 10 list that affect truckers include:

  • Eliminating driver distraction
  • Eliminating drug and alcohol impaired driving
  • Making it safer to transport hazardous materials
  • Reducing crashes caused by speeding
  • Reducing crashes caused by fatigue
  • Improving standards and screenings for sleep disorders

These items would certainly affect trucking companies and drivers. And if the NTSB can push their recommendations forward into accepted policies, it is likely that these changes would make the roads safer for everyone sharing them with a commercial vehicle.

That said, these remain recommendations, not plans for action.

The road ahead

These recommendations paint a troubling picture of the risks Florida motorists face every day.

If and when a serious truck accident occurs because of a reckless driver or improperly secured cargo, the results can be catastrophic. Under these circumstances, victims and their families would be wise to discuss their case and the possible legal remedies with an attorney.

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