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Tech improvements could make it easier to 'see' motorcyclists

One of the biggest threats to the safety of motorcyclists is other motorists. Because motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, they are more difficult to see. And when car and truck drivers do not take the time or make the effort to thoroughly scan the road around them, they can crash into bikers.

This has long been a problem on Florida roads, and countless motorcyclists have been struck by drivers who didn't see them. Recognizing the seriousness of this problem, tech and auto companies are partnering up to develop new technology to make motorcyclists more visible.

Tech that sees what drivers cannot

As discussed in this article, companies including Audi, Ducati and Ford, along with a tech firm called Qualcomm, partnered to create C-V2X technology.

The technology allows vehicles to communicate in ways they never have before. It also makes it possible for drivers to "see" obstacles like motorcycles with their vehicle, even if they don't see them with their own eyes.

Basically, the communication technology allows vehicles from different manufacturers to talk to each other. They can alert each other of oncoming, unseen vehicles as well as emergency braking. They can even send signals that allow drivers to avoid common accident-causing situations, like turning left at an intersection. And a car could notify the driver of a vehicle approaching from the left or right, even if it is not in a driver's line-of-sight. 

In other words, the technology can make it easier for vehicles to avoid accidents with obstacles that are not easily visible. Including motorcycles.

Looking ahead to the future

While this is certainly exciting and promising in terms of how C-V2X can improve rider safety, it is not widely available yet. Unfortunately, it could be another five years before the first motorcycles come equipped with such technology.

In the meantime, drivers must remain diligent when it comes to seeing and avoiding collisions with motorcyclists. Every person should focus and be alert behind the wheel, consistently scanning the roads and watching out for obstacles. 

Those who do not do this could be liable if they wind up causing an accident with a motorcyclist, bicyclist or other vulnerable individual.

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