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Trucker shortage could be putting other motorists in danger

Did you know there is currently a serious trucker shortage in the U.S.? This means there are far fewer trucks on the road than companies would like.

While many motorists might dismiss this shortage as not having an impact on their own commute, the fact is that it could affect Florida drivers in a few different ways.

Fewer drivers could mean longer hours

The demand for drivers is not just high; it's increasing, as noted in this article from The Street. With fewer drivers covering more jobs, drivers might stay on the road much longer than they should.

Truckers must comply with federal Hours of Service regulations that limit how long they can drive in a specific period. They track these hours in a log book. However, there are drivers who will falsify their records or simply ignore the HOS rules in the interest of reaching a destination faster. This can lead to fatigued, drowsy truckers who are not safe to be driving.

Inexperienced, unqualified drivers

Attracting drivers is difficult, as the job is notoriously dangerous and stressful on a driver's life. Combine those elements with low wages and it is not surprising that companies are having a hard time hiring and retaining qualified drivers.

Companies can therefore feel inclined to hire inexperienced drivers, drivers with a poor driving record and drivers who are not physically or mentally fit for such a strenuous occupation. These drivers could be more likely to make mistakes or bad decisions than trained, qualified drivers would.

Pushing the limits of equipment

With fewer drivers and higher demand, trucking companies and drivers may try to cut corners with equipment. They may put off maintenance, overload vehicles or fail to secure cargo properly, which can result in failed equipment and catastrophic cargo shifts or spills.

Know your legal options after a truck accident

Should you or a loved one be injured in an accident with a truck, these factors may have played a role. In such situations, legal action against the trucker or trucking company and compensation may be possible, so it can be important to consult an attorney.  

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