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School bus crashes are surprisingly common

Almost every driver has been in a car crash. It may not be an regular occurrence, but it’s commonplace enough that people don’t always remember how serious the effects can be. A 2011 study by the auto insurance industry estimates that the average driver will file a claim for a crash every 17.9 years. For someone who drives from their late teenage years into retirement, that averages four or more crashes in a lifetime—not including your experience as a passenger.

School bus driver licensing

There are many accidents in Florida every day, in all types of vehicles. While we often hear about car, truck and motorcycle crashes, school buses are a concern for any parent. In a concerning report by CBS News, there are 60 school bus accidents in the country each day, or 22,000 each year. The same report states the problem of driving under the influence.

School districts need to provide safe transportation to and from school, but many states lack in background checks and licensing. While a school bus driver requires a commercial driver’s license, because they rarely cross state lines, the regulations are minimal when compared to truck drivers. CBS reports that only two states track arrests made of commercial drivers: Connecticut and Delaware.

Injuries may be more serious than they appear

Car accidents are one of the most common preventable deaths in the United States. They can cause permanent and significant injuries from spinal damage to traumatic brain injury. Frequently, people leave the scene of an accident feeling healthy, with the effects surfacing over time.

Anytime you’re in an accident, as a driver or while riding in a school bus, it’s essential that you visit a doctor to document your health. It provides a record of your health at the moment in case soft tissue damage or other injuries prove more significant later on.

Holding drivers accountable

Car accidents may be common, but that doesn’t mean they should be dismissed as insignificant. Anytime another driver’s actions cause injury, they should be responsible for their actions. If you’ve been injured by a negligent driver, a consultation with an attorney will help you to understand your right to recovery and compensation. Even seemingly small injuries can manifest and affect more than your personal health; an injury also affects your work or school, your mood and your relationship with loved ones.

Commercial drivers spend more time on the roads. They are professionals and their license requires a higher standard. When a professional driver behaves irresponsibly, it’s important to hold him or her accountable.

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